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Did you know that most credit reports contain outdated or incorrect information? This can negatively impact your score and keep you from getting the credit you deserve. At CreditSolver, our certified credit counselors will work diligently to remove all errors, increase your credit score, and provide you with a pathway to a better future.

“CreditSolver works miracles! They were able to clean up my credit report and in just three months my score jumped 120 points!”
“Thank you for your help! I really appreciate you James for your honesty and professionalism.”
“Thanks for your professional knowledge and rapport. I feel at ease.”
“Thank you. You are so kind and very knowledgeable and you didn’t make me feel like a loser.”
“Thank you for all of your assistance helping me improve my credit scores. In the past, I had tried to challenge and dispute some erroneous charges myself and was ready to give up in frustration. These charges are now cleared. I was horrified when I saw a 40 point plunge in my credit score due to my student loan company not documenting the forbearance I had in place. This has also been corrected. My score has now risen to a respectable level.”
“Brittany’s attitude is always upbeat and positive. No matter the difficulty she remains encouraging. Her can-do approach to my financial/credit situation has helped me stay positive and confident regarding each issue encountered…I feel Brittany cares, not only about my financial situation, but for me as well.”
“What an amazing job you have done for me and my credit score. l am so grateful for the 5 months you have worked with me to clean and raise it so l can look forward to moving on with my life and renting/buying a home.”

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