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Credit Utilization Calculator

Good Utilization Ratio = Better Credit Score

Your credit utilization ratio is determined by the total debt you owe (credit cards and other revolving credit lines) divided by your total credit available (credit lines). This is expressed as a percentage and can significantly impact your credit score. Ideally, you’ll want to have a credit utilization ratio of 10% or lower. To maintain a healthy credit rating, however, never let it exceed 30%. To calculate your ratio, fill in the information below.

Credit Usage

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Utilization Ratio:

Your utilization:

Your utilization ratio is above 30%, which may be harming your credit rating. The good news is that you could be eligible for our debt settlement program. With our help, you can tackle your debt and improve your credit score. To learn more, call now for a free consultation.


Your utilization:

Nice job! You’re within the 30% or lower limit. Keep your ratio low by paying off your balances or requesting a higher credit limit.

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